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Why Should I Franchise with Janilink?

Janilink offers a unique opportunity. Our quality products, video sales system, and volume purchasing power make Janilink unique! Janitorial equipment and supply is part of a $20 billion dollar a year industry. Buildings will always need to be cleaned and the competition to clean them is fierce! Commercial and large cleaning contractors will always need supplies, equipment, training, and support. Don't allow this prime opportunity to pass you by! Join Janilink and position yourself to profit every time a building is cleaned! We are an industry leader in the janitorial supply business and we want you to come prosper with us! We offer a unique opportunity for profit. Many companies will try to sell you an opportunity to clean with them, but only Janilink offers the chance to sell the supplies and products that all cleaning professionals use! Have you been thinking about purchasing a cleaning franchise? Why not consider selling cleaning supplies with Janilink instead? What makes Janilink offering unique?

  • Our vast selection of private label and OEM products are unique to our industry. Most supply companies offer very few if any private label products. Janilink is different. For years our private label products have outsold the national brands and we have the data to prove it! Private label products have no competition, and as such they result in higher profit margins. You will be the only one in your area offering these unique products!
  • Janilink has spent years developing a unique video sales system. Our team of experts has been producing high quality sales and product demonstration videos for the past 16 years. Our vast collection of videos will increase sales and act as salesmen for you! When we make our videos we don't create stains or messes just so that we can clean them. All of our demonstration videos are made using real dirt and/or hard stains. They are 100% believable and you can rest assured that your customers will be able to purchase the showcased product and replicate the results shown on the video. Our informative videos / tutorials, and knowledgeable sales staff make selling our products easy. No other company does it like Janilink!
  • Janilink offers unique purchasing power! We purchase and stock products by the container. Shipping containers and truckload purchasing are not unheard of, but Janilink operates on a uniquely large scale both in terms of volume, and variety of items. Our huge selection and giant warehouse make it easy to stock hard to find items, and our volume purchasing makes satisfying large volume buyers simple. No one else in your area is likely to be operating on the scale you will be!
  • Janilink offers a unique sales system! Most janitorial supply companies rely on a network of commissioned or salaried salesman to open and service large accounts. This system can be cumbersome and inefficient. Janilink does not hire salesmen. Instead we have pioneered a unique three part approach to economical, easy selling.
    • Location. Janilink has a specific formula for location success. Our sites are designed to maximize visibility, while minimizing cost. In addition the size and style of our locations is specifically tailored to attract and keep our customers.
    • Our DVDs, videos, and website act as our salesmen. Instead of paying commissions we pay videographers, web developers, and internet marketing specialists. Our extensive catalog of videos is designed to professionally represent our products 100% of the time, 24 hours a day.
    • Well trained Customer Service representatives will ensure that you have no headaches closing the sale! We fully support your training efforts with videos, training manuals, and hands on demonstrations to ensure that your customer service personnel know the products, procedures, and industry.

Janilink is a retail seller and distributor of commercial cleaning supplies for janitorial service companies and other businesses that use cleaning supplies. The cleaning business is mercurial but the need for its services is not. It does not matter that the companies doing the cleaning are constantly changing, the cleaning still needs to be done, and we sell everything that makes it possible. We provide you with an excellent investment opportunity. This is a hard industry to succeed in, but we have done so. Our proven track record of success illustrates how our hard work and unique approach provide a partnership opportunity unparalleled in this industry. We have been in the cleaning supply industry for over 30 years and have an excellent track record of creating successful operations across the United States. Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, and we have operated in that city for over 16 years. We sell products ranging from bathroom toilet tissue and hand towels to floor chemicals, soaps, trash cans, and mops. We also sell and service commercial cleaning machines such as vacuums, buffers, carpet extractors, and automatic scrubbers. For a more complete list of the products and services we offer please visit our website at

Janilink is a stable company, located in a growing industry! We have worked hard to perfect our business and we look forward to growing our brand to national prominence with the help of our partners. Many companies selling janitorial supplies and services seek to build their business on the backs of their franchisees. These particular franchise systems are designed to lure investors, funnel as much money to the top as possible, squeeze their operators dry, and move on to the next victim. Janilink is different. We want to build a national network of stable franchises based on trust, cooperation, and mutual profit. Join us today!

  • We only partner with likeminded "eager" individuals. Our company is founded on the principles of hard work, innovation, and responsible long term planning. When you join our company you will be working with people who think like you do; hard workers who are excited to come to work every day. Some companies will sell a franchise to anyone with the money. We have no interest in partnering with just anyone. We are seeking people who want to invest their time, money, and "care" with a stable, long term company. If you think that you are the sort of person we are looking for and you are interested in joining this unique company please consider franchising with Janilink! Franchising with Janilink is an easy process to begin.
  • Generally a Janilink franchise requires an approximate initial investment of $200,000. Janilink is willing to discuss partial funding resulting in partial ownership in some cases. We only require an initial franchise fee of $50,000 to get the process started. We intend to partner with you, rather than profit off of you. Once you have successfully franchised with us all we require is that you purchase most or all of your inventory through us. We will sell you our Janilink branded and OEM products at varying slight markup. We will also act as your distributor for national brand products, selling them to you at prices that match the prices your competitors are paying. The only exception to this would occur if doing so would result in a significant loss to us. If you do not feel that our pricing for a particular nationally branded product is competitive you are free to purchase it yourself elsewhere. Because of our volume buying power, this should rarely or never occur. In addition we require that you pay 1% of your gross sales into a common internet maintenance and marketing fund. This money will be used to maintain and improve our shared website as well as maintaining our high profile internet presence. Franchise terms and conditions are complex and subject to change. Please request an updated copy of our UFOC and consult with an attorney before making your decision.
  • We require a minimum one month training commitment for the owner or primary manager. This training will be conducted onsite at our Atlanta franchise. Thorough product and industry knowledge is necessary to ensure success and we want to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. Because we offer so many unique products and operate with a uncommon business model this training is mandatory.
  • We require that you sign a five year franchise agreement. In addition we will retain certain rights over ownership transitions and sale of the business for the first year. We must approve any sale of your franchise both with regards to price and with regards to purchaser for the first year. After one year you may sell your franchise privately should you desire.
  1. Janilink OEM and Private Label Products
    • Our private label brand is very well developed and we offer our tried and tested products and unique items as an unparalleled resource for you! Customers in Georgia already know just how great Janilink products perform for their companies. Soon we hope to become a household name known nationwide for quality machines, products, and services.
    • Why develop new product lines from scratch? Testing and developing product lines is a long, time consuming process. We have worked hard for 30 years developing our brand, and we are willing to share our expertise with you!
    • Private label products limit price cutting by your competitors. No one can offer a better price on a Janilink item that you carry, because no one carries them but Janilink!
    • Name brand products can travel through many hands before they reach their final sales point. With each transaction the cost rises. By buying directly and private labeling our products we limit the number of transactions an item must go through to reach your hands. This increases profit for everyone!
    • Name brand products are difficult to sell at high margins. It seems as though someone is always getting a better deal and undercutting your price, and because of the high margins charged by the manufacturers and distributors there is very little room with which to maneuver. Janilink solves this problem by ordering our private label product in bulk so that we are getting the lowest price possible.
    • We constantly focus on our brand. We keep up with industry innovations, and track customer demands ensuring we always offer fresh, relevant product lines.
    • We never buy inferior products for our private label. If we cannot obtain an industry leading, effective product we will not produce a private label version. This ensures that Janilink's good name is protected, and gives you the peace of mind that comes with recommending trusted effective products.
    • Our brand has a proven track record of success! Launching a brand name or private label is a difficult process. Customers are normally resistant to change and prefer to use the brands they are familiar with even at a higher cost. We have spent thirty years laying a trusted, proven foundation for our brand and products! Selling a first time customer a Janilink product can be difficult, the customer wants assurances that the product will work more effectively and last as long as the more expensive product it replaces. However, once a customer tries our products they almost always become repeat customers. Our unique items and private label products will sell themselves again and again and again, all you have to do is sell them once!
  2. Janilink's Website is the Industry's Best!
    • We are very proud of our website and are happy to share it with you as a resource.
    • Our website lists more products and more types of products then our competitors. We feature many national brands as well as Janilink exclusive products.
    • Our website is designed like an E-catalog! Your customers and employees will be able to reference it when buying or selling products. It can be used for product comparisons, pricing, product options, and related item searches.
    • We have spent countless man hours and large amounts of money developing our website into the industries finest, and we have no plans to stop. We believe that our website is one of the core tools that we will use as we transition from a local supplier to a national distribution powerhouse.
    • We are an industry leader in producing product knowledge and demonstration videos. We have produced and collected hundreds of product videos. These videos are located on our website making it the industry's best resource for teaching new customers and training employees. In addition these videos make sales easy since the video can show products in action, and can explain additional uses and special options.
    • In addition to serving our Headquarters location the website will also serve your franchise location. Its resources and products will serve as an excellent showcase for your products
    • We will continue to develop our website to keep it the industry leader. No work on the part of our franchises is necessary, but the benefits are shared by all.
    • Internet orders from within your trade area will be routed to you automatically. You receive an instant web presence that your customers can use from day one!
    • Our internet marketing works for you! No need to pay web developers or web marketing personnel. We have been working with major search engines and buying related domain names for years. Our company and products are high profile in searches for our products, and we are committed to maintaining our highly visible status.
    • You will never find yourself sending your customers to a website that contains information that is old or confusing. Our team of developers does nothing but work to bring our customers a modern consistent experience.
  3. Let Janilink's Volume Buying Power Work for You!
    • Lower your cost when you purchase by volume! We already wield considerable purchase power. We already buy our products by the truck or shipping container! Operating by yourself would mean you could wait for years before seeing the kind of sales volume you would need to purchase at the level of volume we already do! By joining forces with us, we can together reach unprecedented greatness, and you can reap the increased profits that come with volume purchasing immediately!
    • Let us help put our purchasing power to work for you! Because we already purchase product by the truckload or shipping container we can pass these savings on to our franchisees allowing you to offer lower prices and a wider selection then your local competitors. We are already powerful, but the additional volume from your franchise will allow us to be even more powerful. Our combined buying power will allow us to prosper together.
    • Our unique business model will allow you to carry a relatively small inventory. You won't need to stock seldom used widgets and pay high prices for hard to find items because we already stock them! We will allow you to take advantage of our huge selection of products without finding and stocking them yourself. We have millions of dollars of inventory sitting on our shelves right now! Our Atlanta warehouse can send products to your location Next Day or ship them directly to your customers with little or no markup. Your inventory can increase slowly as time passes and you acclimate to your customers' needs and order levels. This means that you don't have to fund millions of dollars of inventory just to open your doors!
    • We offer unique inroads to the Chinese manufacturing market. Because of our buying power and experience we are able to deal directly with Chinese manufacturers, giving you unique access to this essential resource. Chinese products have seen a great increase in quality over recent years, and our industry in particular has shown stable quality control standards and has seen increased use by such national brands as Newell Rubbermaid.
    • Selling Chinese products is leverage that must be used if you are to succeed in this industry. Our competition is already selling quality Chinese products, and we must sell the same products at similar or lower prices if we wish to remain relevant. Let our experience dealing with Chinese manufacturers and the Chinese government work for you! We have been purchasing products from China for over 30 years. China is a hard place to do business safely. The lack of regulation and the constantly changing business environment create unique challenges for business owners who must deal with Chinese companies in order to succeed. Attempting to begin purchasing from China yourself is risky. When we began ordering from China we made mistakes and we lost money. Chinese manufacturers demand as much as 30% prepayment and losing your deposit is a common occurrence. Chinese companies might disappear with your money or claim to have never received it. Managers and supervisors might misdirect your funds intentionally causing you to lose money even when dealing with well-intentioned, stable Chinese manufacturers. Secondly without the experience and contacts that come with many years of experience you run the risk of receiving poor quality product. Our suppliers are tested and proven. We visit China twice a year to ensure that the products we order from our Chinese suppliers are well made, quality items. Ordering from China yourself could result in scams and lost money. However, with Janilink on your team ordering from China is easy and safe! Perhaps the most important reason you will benefit from partnering with us is our volume purchasing power. Many Chinese products are only available very large lots, some as large as one or more shipping containers. We already purchase these items by the container and are happy to extend our volume pricing to our franchisees.
    • Our volume buying power doesn't just help lower product costs! The larger our company grows the more areas we are able to help you save money. Volume purchasing power can help lower costs for freight shipping, maintenance deals, equipment purchasing / leasing, and many other business costs. Don't be a small fish in a big pond. Join Janilink and become a large business owner immediately!
  4. We NEVER Stop Developing and Innovating!
    • We never stop improving our sales methods, and the volume of our business is always increasing.
    • We are always studying the industry and developing our website. You never have to worry that your web presence will look dated or that your marketing strategies will grow stale.
    • We develop and supply the most up to date cleaning technology! Many of the products we sell can only be found at Janilink. This is because we designed them ourselves. We constantly test our products and seek customer feedback in order to stay on the cutting edge. When we find a need for a product that does not exist we don't wait around for others to create it. Instead we design it and fill the need ourselves!
    • We welcome new ideas! When better methods and concepts are applied to our business everyone wins. If you or your customers have ideas we would love to hear them! We are always seeking to apply industry leading methods and technology to our tried and true systems. We would love to apply your ideas to our business so we can grow together!
    • We will never try to put you in the position of offering old, expensive, or inadequate products. If you find a better product all you have to do is share your knowledge with us so that we can use of volume buying power to help you and everyone else in the system. We never want our franchisees to feel as though communication and ideas don't flow both ways.
  5. We are Experts in Business Setup and Operations!
    • We have experience with startup businesses. We know what you need and when you will need it. You won't find yourself struggling because your new business is lacking some essential item or advice.
    • We have a specific proven formula for selecting your location. We will meet with you and help you select the perfect location. Our proven system will help give you immediate exposure and will position you as a force to be reckoned with in your community immediately. The correct location will help keep advertising and rent fees low, while still driving core customers to your door. This is not a business you can or should open in a strip mall. Let our experience guide you to an effective, affordable business site that will serve your franchise for years to come.
    • We know exactly what equipment you will need to succeed in this industry and we will happily help you acquire it. You won't need to be a specialist in warehouse equipment, signs, trucks, computers, telephones, file servers, or forklifts. We have 30 years of experience and we can tell you what you need. We won't attempt to take your money by steering you to contractors who will give us a kickback or offer to lease you equipment at ridicules rates. Our only goal is to get you the equipment that you will need so that we can move forward together.
    • When it comes time to hire and train your employees we can help! We require that the owner or manager come to our Atlanta Headquarters to train for one month, but our help does not end there. We will gladly help you hire and train your employees using our proven systems and welcome you to use our headquarters as your training center! Of course, this may not always be practical, so we also offer well developed training guides and any other support you might need to get your employees off on the right foot. Failure to lay a foundation of effective, complete training is the shaky foundation that many startup companies are forced upon which to build. With the help of Janilink you won't have to worry about your employees or yourself struggling with inadequate training.
    • We can help you hire the right mechanic to keep your repair business going strong! Repair and maintenance are very important keys to retaining your best customers. We know how to hire and retain great mechanics and get them the tools and parts they need. Don't try to run a professional repair shop with inferior help, Janilink has the knowledge and tools to make your repair shop a positive addition to your business, instead of a headache causing worry.
    • Business licenses, accountants, lawyers, local regulation compliance, and tax advisors are just some of the items and services you will need to keep your business running legally and efficiently. We have the contacts and the knowhow to make sure that you are protected. We also will teach you how to deal with credit agencies, who to extend credit to, and how to do it. Don't lose money trying to run a credit program yourself. If you need help we will be glad to teach you how!
    • You won't have to do extensive research to discover popular and effective items! We consistently update our list of best sellers and will share with you this invaluable resource. Don't spend years searching for just the right inventory. Partner with Janilink and start selling effective, popular items immediately!
    • We know you won't have time to build displays and product advertisement for every product you will be selling. That's why we have developed a unique system that we will help you implement in your new business. We create product advertisement, product knowledge, and practical training videos that you will display throughout your warehouse. We keep this system updated so that your customers will always have a smiling face on video showcasing your best and latest products. We have invested countless hours making sure that our products consistently receive the best representation possible through our unique video display system. We will help you use this proven, unique sales tool to your advantage!
    • We will help you initiate your local advertising. We know how to select signage for your building, buy local advertisements, initiate direct marketing, and capitalize on the power of our website. We welcome an unique knowledge you might have for specific techniques or local quirks. Again, we don't want to run your business for you, we simple want to use our knowledge and experience to get your franchise off the ground and profitable as quickly as possible.
  6. This Business is Always Moving, but the Industry is Constant!
    • The field of commercial cleaning is always changing, but one thing remains the same. The office buildings, warehouses, schools, churches, apartment complexes, businesses, malls, airports, and stores will always need cleaning. The faces that clean them will change, the products that are used will vary, and the methods will evolve as time passes, but one thing remains the same. Someone will have to sell the cleaning companies the supplies and equipment they need. Janilink has been that company for 16 years and we are just getting started! Join with us as partners and help us supply the needs of this every growing industry for years to come.
  7. Partnering with Us Could be YOUR Path to Prosperity!
    • Let us help you defeat your local competition. We have better products, better prices, and a better system.
    • We are here for you, and we want to help you succeed! We have no desire to run your business for you or interfere with your day to day operations. We only want you to help us grow our brands, ideals, and quality across the nation!
    • We are not allowed to offer any specific income guarantees. However we are perfectly willing to show examples from both our Atlanta franchise to committed partners. We strongly believe that a committed, eager individual can succeed and flourish by joining us. Currently our Atlanta office is operating with an actual monthly sales volume of $228,000.00 Approximate profit from our Atlanta office is 30% a month! NOTE: THESE SALES AND GROSS PROFITS NUMBERS ARE ACTUAL SALES AND PROFITS FOR OUR CURRENT HEADQUARTERS BRANCH AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED THE ACTUAL OR PROBABLE SALES AND PROFITS THAT WILL BE REALIZED BY ANY OTHER FRANCHISEE. THE FRANCHISOR DOES NOT REPRESENT THAT ANY FRANCHISEE CAN EXPECT TO ATTAIN SUCH SALES OR GROSS PROFITS. For a complete earnings statement please refer to the UFOC. We have experience opening franchises and would be happy to help you guide your business to its maximum potential. This is a difficult economy. Don't try to go it alone! Contact Janilink today!
  1. Q: What kind of business is this exactly?

    A: We sell a very wide variety of cleaning and janitorial supplies. This includes everything from the smallest brush and broom all the way to the largest ride-on floor scrubbers. We sell a full range of tools, chemicals, pieces, and machines. We sell all maintenance parts and service all types of machines here in our repair shop. For a full picture of our product lines and operations please visit our website at Our business model offers a unique "warehouse distributorship" approach to retail. Anyone who wants is free to walk into our warehouse at any time, and purchase any item they like. Whether it is the largest machine or the smallest bottle everything is labeled for sale by the individual unit. Our core business, however, is large volume sales to our medium and large commercial cleaners.

  2. Q: Why should I invest my money and time in this industry?

    A: We offer a stable company with a history of steady growth in a stable, recession proof industry. No matter the economy cleaning supplies will be needed. Supplies, equipment, and training are always in demand. The sheer variety and size of this business category make starting a new company very difficult. Because of this entry barrier competition is limited to a few players, many of them small. Building a company with the knowledge and products to satisfy the broad range of customers that require our services is very difficult, and is beyond the reach of most supply companies. We have committed the time and labor necessary to succeed and are willing to share our valuable name, designs, knowledge, and industry specific business plans with our franchisees. Don't get stuck trying to succeed by yourself! A small investment in a Janilink franchise will make you a big business owner immediately!

  3. Q: How much money will I need to get started?

    A: Setting up a successful franchise is surprisingly affordable! An initial investment of only approximately $200,000 is all it takes to acquire a fully functional business location. Of this money $100,000 will be needed for your initial inventory , while the other $100,000 will cover your equipment, setup, and franchise fees. Of course these numbers are approximate and will vary based on your selected trade area. More exact numbers will be discussed after an initial $50,000 franchise deposit and trade area selection.

  4. Q: How soon will I begin to see a return on my investment, and what levels of profit can I expect to reach?

    A: Our experience has given us some excellent examples from which to draw data. These examples are provided only as general information and should not be used as the sole determining factor should you decided to franchise with Janilink. We expect that a new franchise will take about three months before sales cover operating costs. After your first three months you can expect to see small profits. Obviously your profit will vary based on your customer volume, location, and other business factors, but after two years you should expect to see profits of between 30%-33% of sales. For a more detailed example based on Janilink's corporate headquarters, and previous franchises please consult our UFOC. These statements are a general guideline only and should not be interpreted as a promise of expected earnings. Your results can and will vary wildly based on a large number of relevant variables. Please consult our UFOC before making any decisions. We also recommend you consult your own attorney to ensure that you fully understand the risks before paying any money or signing any agreements.

  5. Q: What kind of person are we looking for?

    A: We are looking for hard working, eager minds who are willing to invest their own money, time, and determination in their work. We want our partners to be the kind of people who think about their jobs at night and look forward to beginning work in the mornings. We are looking for people who want to invest not just their money, but also their time, ideas, and attitudes to our company. We don't want managers, we want owners, who will grab hold of our corporate training and culture and help advance this company to national prominence. In order to ensure that our company culture is effectively communicated we require that our franchisees be fluent in English.

  6. Q: What territories are available?

    A: At this time we have many territories available. We have very specific location standards selected to fit our business and we will be glad to help you select the city and location that is right for you. For smaller cities you will be granted exclusive rights to the city and surrounding area as your territory. For larger cities your territory will be comprised of a section of the city and you will be given priority for other franchise locations in the same city. For further information on how Janilink helps you chose a location please read the "Why partner with Janilink" section of this document.

  7. Q: How will I attract and keep customers?

    A: This is a hard business to begin, but an easy business to maintain. We have the experience, knowledge, and systems in place to attract and keep customers. We have many proven strategies for this and will happily share them with you and help you implement them at the appropriate time.

  8. Q: How will you help me set up my franchise?

    A: We offer complete support for franchise setup. We will help you in a large variety of ways; we will help you select a location, obtain the documents and permits you will need, design floor plans and layouts, provide a list of equipment for your office and warehouse, and provide extensive training for you and your employees. We will provide all the information and assistance you need so that we can prosper together. For more information on how Janilink can help you set up your franchise please read the "Why partner with Janilink" section of this document.

  9. Q: What training / orientation will I need?

    A: Our business requires a very thorough understanding of both the business operations and the products we sell. It is mandatory that the franchise owner or a designated manager train at our Atlanta Headquarters for a minimum of one month. In addition to this initial training we offer ongoing training for both the owners/ managers, and the employees. We also provide training and product knowledge manuals so that you and your staff will always be up to date.

  10. Q: What are the franchise fees and royalties?

    A: There is an initial franchise fee of $50,000. Unlike most franchisors we are not currently requiring any ongoing royalties. We require only that you pay 1% of your overall sales for our common marketing and internet presence fund. In addition we require that you purchase your inventory from us. We will sell it to you at whatever price our competitors are offering as long as this does not result in major losses to us. Please see the "Why partner with Janilink" section of this document for full details. Our financial terms are subject to change. Please request a copy of our UFOC for the most up to date information.

  11. Q: What are the franchise rules?

    A: We primarily utilize traditional franchise rules. For a complete copy of the current franchise rules and a copy of our UFOC please contact Janilink's corporate Headquarters.

  12. Q: What if I need to exit this franchise agreement at a later date?

    A: We require a minimum one year commitment. If after one year you are forced to leave this company we will provide you with help selling your franchise if you are not able to sell it privately to an approved buyer. We have specific formulas for determining the value of your franchise and will be glad to help you market it if you are unable to locate an approved private buyer. Because our formulas are based on net profit and annual sales volume the price that we can help you attain for your business should increase the longer you grow the business. We will require that any new owners of one of our franchises sign a new franchise agreement with us.

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